Pizza - 'I Am Free' (Seamoss & Oat Pizza)

Pizza - 'I Am Free' (Seamoss & Oat Pizza)

Can you believe it? Our tasty Oat and Seamoss based Pizza

THIS PIZZA IS 100% RAW (based dried) Thats right, this pizza is RAWWWWW!!!

Please declare "I AM FREE" before eating this amazing offering.

This pizza is called I AM FREE!

100% Plant Based Sun Kissed Pizza , Gluten Free Oats, SeaMoss, Mato Sauce, Cashew Cream Topping - Plantain, Kale, Olives, Tomato, Love, Treats and Spices (6 Toppings min)

Size: 7x7

This Box Does NOT Come With Any Sides

(Minimum Order is £20)

This is not food, this is medicine!!!
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