I am The Sauce - (Sweet Potato Pizza)

I am The Sauce - (Sweet Potato Pizza)

“Ohhhhhhhh, ROAR FOOD CHEF, This Is The Sauceeeeee”

Please declare "I AM THE SAUCE" before eating this amazing offering.

Succulent Sweet Potato Pizza, Gluten Free Oats, Mato Sauce, Cashew Cream Toppings - Plantain, Kale, Olives, Tomato, Love, Treats and Spices (6 Toppings min)

Size: 7x7

This Box Does NOT Come With Any Sides

This pizza is part of our 50/50 range, the base has been steamed, moulded and Air-dried with oats, everything else is 100% Raw and alkaline.

This is not food, this is medicine!!!

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